CharterUP For Teams

Chartering buses can be a complicated and time consuming task. That’s why we created CharterUP for Teams—a platform designed to help you quickly charter a customized fleet of buses for your organization. Now you can book all of your team’s buses under one centralized, transparent platform.

No Brokers, Discount Prices, Instant Quotes

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Compare Prices & Ratings

CharterUP instantly calculates price quotes from different vendors in your area and displays them along with ratings, reviews, and pictures. You’ll get to choose the best price from a selection of bus providers.

Centralized Payments

Easily manage your payments, invoices, and billing history under one platform. Detailed records of every transaction are automatically generated and are downloadable at any time for simple and fast auditing.


Track & Share

Take the guesswork out of finding out where your bus is. Within our app, you can track your bus (or buses!) in real-time and share bus locations across your organization. Everyone will know exactly where to arrive for pickup to the next practice, game, or team meeting.

Invite Team Members

Invite coaches, executive assistants, physical therapists, players, and more team members from across your organization. You can even control each user’s payment preferences and unique permissions with the touch of a button.

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We can help. Sign up or request a demo today by calling 1-855-920-2287. We’ll show you how easy it is to book a fleet of private buses for your organization.

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