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Alleviate Hidden Construction Costs With An Efficient Jobsite Shuttle Solution

Published July 21, 2023

The cost of construction projects has escalated to levels unseen in decades, and many of the culprits are unavoidable economic forces like supply chain issues and inflation. But there’s one unexpected expense nibbling away at project margins that is easier to control: crew transportation.

While the cost of transporting equipment and materials is regularly considered in project estimates, the expense of transporting crew members is an inefficiency that can subtly but steadily cause a budget to crumble.

Any seasoned construction manager has weathered the storm of neighborhood complaints about contractors’ vans upending the tranquility of their peaceful neighborhood streets. Many have grown accustomed to pairing their morning coffee with crew complaints about sky-high parking fees.

The problem of construction site parking and its associated costs, while daunting, can often be dismissed merely as an operational hassle. Recognizing hidden costs of construction site parking – like the ones described below – is the first step to slashing inefficiencies and unlocking productivity.

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Direct Costs: Meters and Miles

Downtown construction projects can cause workers to shell out upwards of $50 a day in parking costs. Some laborers have found the cost of parking can take more than $7,000 in wages from their pockets, and there is a movement to pass those costs back to the construction company. Companies that choose to pay for parking for their crews encounter costs through permits for special on-site parking or negotiating rental agreements with neighboring businesses.

Mileage expenses represent another significant, direct cost. Each trip to and from the worksite – and every row that is added to the expense sheet – becomes a blow to the budget. The costs of vehicle use, maintenance and rising fuel prices become an expensive burden.

Parking and mileage aren’t just logistical hurdles. They are stealthy costs that add up to make the path to project completion steeper.

Productivity Costs: Lost Time Is Lost Money

Traffic jams, detours and the search for an elusive parking spot close to the jobsite all eat into the working day, disrupting carefully planned schedules and turning minor delays into significant setbacks. Managers are known to dig into their own pockets to pay for parking tickets in an attempt to keep their crew on-site and working rather than feeding the meter every two hours.

Indirect Costs: Mitigating Safety Risks and Uncoordinated Arrivals

The indirect costs of parking are hidden, but can be just as big of a hit to the budget. Safety risks increase when stressed workers rush to the site to beat the clock, while uncoordinated arrivals disrupt workflow and can cause abrupt halts in productivity. The resulting loss in working hours impacts project timelines and overall profitability.

CharterUP’s Solution: Transforming Inefficiencies into Opportunities

CharterUP’s managed construction site shuttles offer a clear path to circumvent parking problems and curb mounting mileage costs. Our shuttles ensure your crew arrives together, maintaining a steady workflow and keeping your project on schedule. Especially in major city centers, booking a charter bus in New York City, Philadelphia, or Phoenix can save your crew time and money they’d otherwise spend on transportation and parking.

By partnering with CharterUP, you’re not just opting for a transportation service. You’re choosing a strategic solution to the unique challenges facing your industry. We’re here to help enhance efficiency, improve safety, and ultimately, safeguard your project’s success in an era of increasing costs.

Tackle the challenges of escalating construction costs head-on. Reach out for a free bus pricing estimate to learn how a customized shuttle solution can transform these hidden costs into opportunities and drive productivity.

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