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How much does a charter bus rental cost?

With the CharterUP online marketplace, not only is finding the right bus rental for your trip easy—so is finding one that matches your price range.

That being said, we know budgeting can be a stressful part of the group transportation planning process. Hopefully, this guide to the cost of charter bus rentals will help you book your ideal bus with total confidence!


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Charter Bus Rental Pricing Breakdown

While the actual cost of your bus will depend on your group’s specific itinerary and amenity needs, here are average bus rental price ranges to help you build out your initial travel budget.

Please note that prices are influenced based on bus availability, time of year, the length of your trip, and more factors outlined on this page. The final cost of your bus may also change if you need to make last-minute changes to your itinerary, such as adding extra stops.

To get the most accurate quote on your charter bus rental, head over to our marketplace to browse bus types and compare prices from hundreds of bus providers.

*Please keep in mind that the prices below are estimates. Your quote will be influenced by factors such as the ones outlined on this page. Daily rentals are bound by a 5-hour minimum rental time, and extra charges may incur for mile overages during trips.

Bus Type Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
  Charter Bus $110 - $180 $1,000 - $1,700 $3.50 - $5.50
  Mini Bus $95 - $160 $950 - $1,500 $3.20 - $5.50

Charter Bus Rental Pricing Factors

There is no one-size-fits-all price when it comes to charter bus rentals. The overall cost of your bus will depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the specific bus provider, the type of bus you book, where and what time of year you’ll be traveling, and specific amenity requests.

Here are some trip specifics that will be unique to your travel needs and will affect the cost of your charter bus:

  • Distance and Duration

    How long you need your bus for—both in terms of time and mileage—will change the price of your bus rental. Luckily, the CharterUP marketplace makes it simple to know the cost of renting a charter bus for a day, a few hours, or for a specific number of miles. All you need to do is input a few itinerary details like locations of pick-up and drop-off points, and our marketplace will generate real-time pricing on available charter buses.

  • Where and When You’re Traveling

    Bus availability is also a major factor that will affect the cost of your charter bus rental. For example, traversing New York City by bus during the winter holidays will cost more than renting a bus in San Antonio during the tourist off-season. While the CharterUP marketplace brings you real-time bus availability all in one place, start browsing our platform for transportation options at least 3 to 6 months ahead of your group trip to ensure the best rental rates.

  • Bus Rental Type

    The CharterUP platform features a wide range of bus rental options, including full-sized charter bus rentals, compact minibus shuttles, and much more. The type of bus you book will ultimately affect your bus rental’s price, with larger motorcoaches generally costing more than smaller bus types. Also, a coach bus with advanced features like WiFi connectivity, power outlets, TV screens, and leather seating will more likely cost more than a more basic model of motorcoach.

  • Bus Driver Expenses

    Your bus driver will be a certified professional with all the experience necessary to keep your passengers safe between stops—so remember to tip and accommodate them appropriately! Your driver is required by federal law to rest 8 hours for every 10 hours spent at the wheel and every 15 consecutive hours on the clock. That means if you’re planning a multi-day group trip, you will be obligated to provide lodging and adequate rest time for your bus driver. And while gratuity is not required, a driver tip of 5-10% of the total cost of your bus rental is industry standard for a job well done.

  • Payment Terms

    A deposit of 10% is due when you book to lock in your bus rental—your confirmation screen will tell you when the full cost of your motorcoach is due, and you’ll need a valid credit card on file to secure your charter bus reservation. Partial refunds for canceled trips may be available, depending on when you cancel and what bus rental company you book with. Before you reserve your charter bus, be sure to review your charter bus company’s expected payment plan and cancellation policy.

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Example: Las Vegas Bachelor Party

A soon-to-be groom wants to rent a private bus service in Las Vegas for his bachelor party. Since everyone will be flying into town and plans on drinking throughout the weekend, he wants to book a shuttle bus rental with a professional bus driver to ensure everyone has stress-free rides along The Strip without worrying about hailing rideshares or electing DDs.

With 15 men in the wedding party, the groom received a quote of $2,500 for his 3-day Las Vegas bus rental. The group intends to pool together a 5% tip for the bus driver as thanks for a safe ride.

Final cost including gratuity: $2,625

Example: The University Club Outing

A university’s outdoor climbing club is planning a Saturday excursion to a nearby state park. The game plan? Rent a charter bus in Denver for 10 hours—including the 2-hour round-trip drive out to the crag, the time it’d take to climb, and a pitstop for lunch. With a charter bus on their side, the climbing club’s 45 members can stash their gear in the luggage bay and have plenty of room for a comfortable ride.

The university shuttle bus rental is quoted at an hourly rate for a total of $1,100, and the club will need to cover the state park’s $10 entrance fee for oversized vehicles.

Final cost including gratuity: $1,220 or $27 per passenger

Example: A Corporate Conference

A Dallas-based company is hosting a 2-day conference and wants to secure a corporate shuttle bus service to ensure all attendees transition smoothly between the airport, participating hotels, and the conference venues. The event coordinator requests three minibus rentals equipped with WiFi and power outlets, so everyone stays connected and refreshed between stops.

Their Dallas bus rentals will cost $950 per vehicle per day—so $5,700 for a fleet of three coach buses for two days—and the coordinator can expect to pay about $400 total for the driver’s hotel rooms and parking spots than can accommodate a bus rental.

Final cost including gratuity: $6,710

Frequently Asked Question about Charter Bus Prices and Quotes

Where can I get a quote for a charter bus rental?

Head to our charter bus marketplace to select a bus model, browse amenities, enter your pickup and drop-off spots, and get an accurate quote for your charter bus rental!


Is bus pricing negotiable?

Prices shown on the marketplace are not negotiable. If you have a question or concern about your quote, please reach out to our 24-hour team at 1-855-920-2287.


Is my driver’s tip included in my quote?

No. A tip for your driver is never required, but we do recommend factoring a tip for your driver into your trip budget. Many travelers tip their bus driver 5-10% of the total cost of their bus rental.


How many buses can I book?

With our marketplace, you can book one bus or craft a custom fleet. If you’re in the market for a large fleet or a recurring shuttle service, we recommend reaching out to our team first at 1-855-920-2287 so we can help you secure exactly what you need.


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