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University Charter Bus Rentals
Shuttle Students, Faculty & Guests Across Campuses with Ease

CharterUP’s self-serve platform makes it easier than ever to set up a custom fleet of campus shuttle buses or book a fleet of charter buses to shuttle your school’s sports teams to and from away games.

CharterUP’s platform is trusted by universities across the U.S.

Custom Campus Shuttle Buses for all of your Campus Transportation Needs

CharterUP’s online marketplace gives you access to hundreds of charter bus types with a variety of amenities. When it comes to campus shuttle bus services, you can book as many buses as you need to keep your students and faculty moving between buildings with ease. Meanwhile, sports team managers can secure custom fleets for reliable group transportation to events, offsite practices, away games, and more. And with transparent charter bus pricing, you’ll know exactly what to expect to pay when it comes time to finish booking your university charter bus rental service.

Comfortable University Charter Buses for Campus Tours, Daily Shuttles and Long-Distance Trips

Buses booked through CharterUP’s cutting-edge platform don’t skimp on the bells and whistles. While on board a campus shuttle bus, students can enjoy climate controls to stay comfortable in all seasons. If you’re booking a minibus for campus tours, a PA system will make it easy for tour guides to share information about your university. For longer-distance trips, full-size charter buses will have plenty of luggage space for overnight essentials or sports equipment, onboard restrooms to eliminate extra pit stops, and even WiFi to keep passengers entertained.

Keep Your Campus Connected with Custom Campus Shuttle Bus Services

CharterUP’s platform will help you find the perfect fleet of buses to shuttle students and faculty between dining halls, gyms, offsite parking lots, classroom buildings, downtown areas, and more. We can also help you connect students to satellite campuses via intercampus shuttle services. With a list of stops in hand, you can book as many or as few shuttle buses as you need to organize your ideal campus shuttle system.

Head to Away Games, Tournaments, and More with Private University Charter Buses

CharterUP’s platform can help you seamlessly shuttle athletes, coaches, and staff members off of campus to away games, offsite practices, team-building events, tournaments, and more. Use our platform to craft a custom fleet that will ensure everyone travels comfortably–with plenty of extra space for equipment, luggage, and all other player essentials. Your bus can stay in town, or you can book Chicago charter buses, Atlanta charter buses, San Francisco bus rentals, and more to bring your athletes to big events in major cities.

Why choose 

Customized Solutions
Vehicle Variety
Optimized Routes
Advanced Coordination
Comprehensive Support
Customized Solutions

Custom shuttle solutions for academic success

CharterUP specializes in developing customized shuttle solutions that address the unique transportation challenges faced by students and staff. By significantly reducing commute stress and costs, we help ensure that transportation hurdles don’t stand in the way of academic achievement.

  • Personalized planning to meet the specific needs of your campus
  • Dedicated account management for continuous support and customization

Vehicle Variety

The nation's largest charter fleet

With access to a vast array of vehicles, CharterUP can accommodate any university transportation need. Whether it’s daily commutes, student organization trips, or event shuttles, our fleet selection guarantees comfort, safety, and reliability for your campus community.

  • Wide variety of vehicles, from minibuses for small groups to full-sized buses for large events
  • Modern and well-equipped fleet, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride for all passengers

Optimized Routes

Efficient pathways to ease campus life

CharterUP employs cutting-edge technology to streamline campus commutes and reduce parking congestion. Our optimized routing not only makes daily transportation more efficient but also contributes to a more sustainable and pleasant campus environment.

  • Strategic route planning to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency
  • Flexibility to adjust routes as campus needs and events demand

Advanced Coordination

Sophisticated management for seamless transit

Our innovative shuttle management platform simplifies the logistics of campus transportation, providing tools for scheduling, real-time tracking, and rider management. This technology ensures that every aspect of your shuttle service is handled with precision and ease.

  • State-of-the-art system for complete control over shuttle operations
  • Real-time updates and tracking for reliable day-to-day management

Comprehensive Support

A partner in your campus mobility

CharterUP is dedicated to balancing high-quality shuttle services with your institution’s budgetary constraints. Our comprehensive support extends beyond just planning and day-to-day management, adapting to the dynamic demands of campus life to ensure your transportation needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Proactive planning to accommodate fluctuating transportation demands
  • Commitment to delivering value without sacrificing service quality


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! CharterUP is well-equipped to adapt to the ever-changing transportation needs of a university campus. Whether it’s adjusting shuttle schedules for different semesters or providing additional shuttles for special events, our flexible and scalable solutions ensure that your transportation requirements are always met efficiently.

Yes, CharterUP specializes in creating custom fleet solutions for universities. Whether it’s shuttling students and faculty across campus or to offsite parking lots, or providing transportation for sports teams, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation for your campus community.

Our advanced route optimization technology streamlines campus transportation, minimizing travel times and reducing congestion. We customize shuttle services based on your campus layout and transportation needs, adapting routes as necessary to maintain efficiency and cater to the dynamic demands of university life.

CharterUP is committed to delivering high-quality shuttle services without straining your university’s budget. We work closely with you to provide cost-effective transportation solutions, leveraging our network of professional operators and employing strategic route planning to offer the best value without compromising service quality.

CharterUP offers access to the nation’s largest charter fleet, with a wide variety of vehicles to suit any university transportation requirement. From compact minibuses for small group trips to full-sized buses for large events, our vehicles are modern, comfortable and equipped with essential amenities for a safe and pleasant ride.

Keep Your Campus Moving with CharterUP

With cutting-edge technology, 24/7 support, customizable schedules and access to the best and most reliable charter buses in the nation, CharterUP is your top choice for university transportation.