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Government & Military Charter Bus Rentals
Seamless Transits for Secure Missions

Empower your missions with CharterUP, where swift, secure and streamlined transportation for government and military personnel is guaranteed. Experience unparalleled ease and flexibility in booking, ensuring your movements, whether large or small, are executed with precision and discretion.

Easy, Flexible, and Secure Booking for Military Organizations of All Sizes

Booking government transportation through the CharterUP marketplace guarantees officials and personnel the best transportation experience for movements of all sizes. In less than 60 seconds, you can book certified charter bus rentals for large-scale military movements between bases or small-scale government transportation for officials shuttling to offices. Our intuitive platform allows you to quickly customize your government charter service to your organization’s size, schedule, and location. Securely book your military bus or government transport in just a few moments online or work directly with a CharterUP responsive over the phone to build your shuttle service.

Nationwide Network of Charter Service for Government Organizations

The CharterUP platform includes more than 4,000 vehicles nationwide, including GSA-approved vendors that emphasize discreet and efficient transportation. Reserve a military bus rental from Charlotte to Fayetteville for events at Fort Liberty, a Virginia Beach charter bus rental for easy transportation to local naval bases, or a government charter service in Washington DC for officials to travel to crucial meetings. Organizations can quickly mobilize local transportation between government offices or cross-country shuttles between bases for large groups of service members.

Review Credentials and Records Before Booking Military Charter Buses

At CharterUP, our team understands the importance of discreet and secure charter services for government organizations. When you browse vehicles on CharerUP, you’ll have access to local charter bus providers alongside credentials, safety records, and customer service reviews. Make informed booking decisions while browsing a variety of service providers, accurate charter bus price quotes, and transparent information about each company.

Tailored Customer Service for Government Charter Services and Military Shuttles

Our self-serve platform allows for easy transportation customization, no matter the scale of your military travel needs. If you require hands-on assistance or need additional accommodations, CharterUP also has representatives available 24/7 at 1-855-920-2287 to assist military personnel with booking suitable shuttles. Our team is experienced in tailoring charter services for government organizations and military bases.

Why choose 

Strategic Solutions
Vehicle Variety
Optimized Routes
Advanced Coordination
Comprehensive Support
Strategic Solutions

Tailored for military and government precision

For government and military transportation, CharterUP dedicates itself to developing precise solutions that cater to the stringent requirements and high-security standards of these sectors. Our experienced team works closely with agencies and units to craft bespoke shuttle plans, ensuring secure, efficient, and reliable transportation for personnel and officials.

  • Real-time quote comparisons
  • Detailed planning to meet specific government and military transportation needs
  • A committed team for developing secure and punctual shuttle services

Vehicle Variety

The nation's largest charter fleet

Access to CharterUP’s wide-ranging fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, including secure and discreet options for sensitive operations, ensures that every government and military transport requirement is met with the utmost reliability and safety.

  • A comprehensive selection of vehicles, from minibuses to full-sized coaches
  • High-security features to ensure safe and secure transport of personnel

Optimized Routes

Ensuring safe and timely transit

Leverage cutting-edge route optimization technology to guarantee the safe and punctual transportation of government and military personnel. Whether it’s between secure facilities or to critical locations, CharterUP ensures that every journey is planned with security and efficiency at the forefront.

  • Secure routing for maximum operational security
  • Reliable scheduling tailored to strict government and military timetables

Advanced Coordination

Secure and streamlined shuttle management

Our innovative shuttle management platform is designed with security and efficiency in mind, providing government and military clients with the tools needed for flawless transportation logistics management. Real-time tracking and secure communication options offer complete control and peace of mind.

  • State-of-the-art, secure technology for managing shuttle operations
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and encrypted communication for operational security

Comprehensive Support

From planning to execution

CharterUP offers robust support tailored to the unique needs of government and military missions, from the initial strategic planning phase to execution. With our focus on security, efficiency, and reliability, we ensure that transportation logistics are seamlessly integrated into your operations, allowing you to concentrate on mission success.

  • On-site coordination and real-time support during missions
  • Specialized planning and operational support for government and military transport
  • Continuous optimization to maintain the highest standards of operational security


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Frequently Asked Questions

CharterUP offers specialized transportation options tailored for sensitive or high-security operations. This includes discreet vehicles without branding, as well as sourcing other custom options from our coast-to-coast network. Our team works closely with government and military clients to understand their specific needs and provide suitable, secure transportation solutions.

Government organizations that need additional documentation can work with a CharterUP representative to book with a suitable provider. Necessary documentation, including Certificates of Insurance, can be provided before booking to ensure compliance and peace of mind for all parties involved.

Yes, CharterUP specializes in accommodating last-minute and urgent transportation requests for government and military clients. Our wide network and efficient booking platform allow us to quickly mobilize resources to meet the demands of even the most time-sensitive missions.

CharterUP prioritizes the security and safety of all passengers, especially when it comes to government and military transportation services. Our providers undergo rigorous vetting, including background checks and vehicle inspections, to ensure they meet our high standards for safety and reliability. Additionally, we offer real-time tracking and secure communication channels for operational security.

Yes, CharterUP is fully compliant with Federal Acquisition Regulation policies, ensuring we meet the highest standards required for government and military transportation contracts.

Our compliance details are as follows:

  • CAGE: 99KS8
  • DUNS: 08-083-4969

This compliance allows us to serve a wide range of government and military transportation needs effectively and securely.

Secure, Specialized, Streamlined

Ensure your next government or military movement is in trusted hands with CharterUP. Book today for secure, efficient and customized transportation solutions that match the precision of your operations.