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CharterUP CEO Armir Harris Featured On “Entrepreneurs on Fire” Podcast: Fueling 10X Growth Through Urgency and Alignment

Published November 7, 2023

CharterUP’s CEO Armir Harris has not only witnessed transformation, but has served as the catalyst. On a recent episode of the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast, hosted by John Lee Dumas, Armir shares his journey from a political refugee to a revolutionary entrepreneur, reshaping how the charter bus industry operates with a blend of transparency and accountability.

Value Bombs: Armir’s Top 3 Insights 

Host John Lee Dumas summarized the conversation about transforming industries and organizations into three “value bombs.”

  1. Embracing a 10X Growth Mindset

Armir challenges the norm of incremental progress by advocating for a 10X growth mindset. He believes that big, ambitious goals help surface the best ideas and strategies. The journey to 10X is not merely about scaling but about reimagining possibilities and having the audacity to pursue them.

  1. The Drive of Urgency

In the podcast, Armir recounts his early life as a refugee and the urgent actions that shaped his approach to business. He sees urgency not as pressure, but as the momentum necessary for meaningful action. This sense of urgency is a driving force at CharterUP, compelling the team to innovate continually.

  1. Leadership and Vulnerability

A firm believer in the power of leadership, Armir speaks to the importance of creating an environment where honesty and vulnerability are not just welcomed but required. Leadership sets the tone for an organization’s culture and the space it offers for growth and learning from mistakes.

Listen to the Full Conversation

These insights just scratch the surface of Armir’s philosophy on growth, urgency and leadership. To dive deeper into the conversation and gather more of his valuable insights shared during the episode, tune in to the “Entrepreneur on Fire” podcast.

Listen to the full podcast and explore how a relentless pursuit of growth and a culture of urgency have propelled CharterUP to the forefront of market innovation.