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CharterUP Celebrates Independent Bus Operators Who Keep America Moving

Published May 4, 2023

The U.S. charter bus industry is projected to grow to $27.1 billion over the next decade, yet remains a highly fragmented market. In contrast to other large industries controlled by a few major corporations, the charter bus industry is known for the diversity and resilience of its private and family-owned operators.

More than 80 percent of the country’s 2,000 motorcoach operators maintain fleets of 15 vehicles or less, according to Department of Transportation data. 

Independent bus operators are the backbone of the motorcoach industry and play a vital role in keeping America moving. Small Business Week is a time to celebrate the contributions small businesses make to the economy, and CharterUP is proud to be powered by a network of more than 600 independent operators across the country.

CharterUP’s platform was built to help independent operators scale their business while overcoming the challenges that come with doing business in a fragmented industry.

Challenge: Bus brokers prevent market transparency and take advantage of small operators.

CharterUP Solution: CharterUP is replacing the broken bus broker model with new values of accessibility, accountability and transparency. By providing a seamless connection between groups and bus operators, the CharterUP marketplace helps independent bus operators earn back their share of the market while raising standards across the industry.

Challenge: In a market of many small operators offering similar services, it is harder for customers to find the right bus company for their needs.

CharterUP Solution: CharterUP offers the first and only charter bus marketplace with real-time pricing and availability, allowing groups to charter a bus in 60 seconds. With the ability to compare vehicles, charter bus prices, operator information and customer reviews all in one platform, groups can book their group travel with confidence.

Challenge: The early months of the pandemic caused an estimated 82.6 percent loss in business for the motorcoach industry, and bus operators have been struggling to recover.

CharterUP Solution: CharterUP is on a mission to revive the charter bus industry. Because many operators sold vehicles to stay afloat during the pandemic, CharterUP is helping operators build back their fleet with interest-free financing to purchase new or used buses. CharterUP is also helping recruit drivers back to the industry by assisting with marketing costs required to attract talent.

CharterUP is dedicated to supporting small business and creating a better future for group transportation.

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