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Tech, Talent and Turbocharged Growth: A Conversation With CharterUP’s VP Of People Jenn Gardner

Published October 2, 2023

From a team of 40 to 200 today, with sights on another 300 in the next 18 months — how do we do it? CharterUP’s VP of People Jennifer Gardner talks tech, talent, and turbocharged growth with Paul Church on the Talent & Growth podcast.

Jennifer has been a key player in navigating CharterUP through its explosive growth phases. Since joining CharterUP in January, Jennifer has been the driving force behind our strategic approaches to managing growth and ensuring our team’s peak performance.

We extend our sincere gratitude to The Animo Group for providing the platform for Jennifer to share these key insights:

  • Talent Acquisition: Jennifer shared the innovative strategies CharterUP uses to find the right talent, crucial for our rapid scaling.
  • Performance Management: Discover how we maintain high team productivity and efficiency, creating an environment where our team grows and thrives.
  • Culture & Engagement: Learn about our commitment to a rewarding and engaging culture, ensuring a balanced workplace for all employees.
  • Leveraging Technology: Explore the advanced tech we use to stay competitive and innovative in talent acquisition.
  • Employee Development: Jennifer discussed how we balance professional growth opportunities with the demands of a scaling business.
  • Balancing Growth and Culture: It’s not just about growth; it’s about maintaining a healthy workplace culture. Jennifer highlighted how CharterUP uses holistic people management approaches and cutting-edge technology to maintain a harmonious organizational culture.

Dive into the full episode to learn more about Jennifer Gardner’s insights and strategies that have fueled CharterUP’s phenomenal growth.

Whether you’re interested in talent acquisition, maintaining company culture or balancing professional growth in a scaling business, there’s something for everyone.