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Transforming Transportation: A Conversation with CharterUP’s Co-Founder, Nick Parsa

Published April 11, 2023

At CharterUP, we’re all about meaningful change in the transportation industry. Our platform has revolutionized the charter bus experience, providing real-time information and seamless booking for our clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

In a recent interview with Shoutout Atlanta, CharterUP co-founder and VP of Strategy Nick Parsa shared his insights on how the company came to be and what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Parsa, who has a background in management consulting and specializes in transformation and turnaround for Fortune 500 companies, explained how his experience in the corporate world led him to start CharterUP.

“My background in management consulting made me realize that I wanted to put my skills and knowledge to the test in the real world and see the tangible results of my work,” he said. “This sparked the idea of a startup outside of the corporate world, where I would be able to make decisions with immediate impact.”

Parsa, along with CEO and fellow co-founder Armir Harris, identified the challenges faced by the charter bus industry, such as delays, no-shows, slow booking processes and lack of communication. They sought to create a solution that would address these issues and transform the industry.

“We sought to combine our skill sets to provide a solution that would transform the entire charter bus experience by creating a new model of accountability and transparency,” Parsa explained.

CharterUP’s platform provides customers with real-time information on available charters, bus pricing, ratings, on-time performance, safety records, and vehicle tracking and enables real-time booking in under 60 seconds. This direct connection between clients and providers has made CharterUP the number one provider of transportation to Fortune 500 clients.

Parsa also shared his pride in CharterUP’s achievements.

“Since founding the company in 2018, CharterUP has made significant traction, from achieving over 100% annual growth to becoming the No. 1 charter bus service for Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple,” he said. “We just raised a $60 million Series A back in October and are currently in the process of bringing CharterUP’s services to more major cities across the U.S.”

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