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A Better Future For Group Travel: Book Anytime, Anywhere With CharterUP

Published May 6, 2024

At CharterUP, we don’t just facilitate group travel — we transform it. 

Our charter bus and shuttle solutions bring unparalleled reliability, convenience and service, setting us apart in an industry where expectations are as high as the stakes. This commitment is not just about moving people from point A to point B — it’s about building a better future for group travel.

The CharterUP Difference is a four-part promise that elevates every journey booked with our platform.

Booking Protection Guarantee

Imagine meticulously planning every detail of your group outing when, in the rare circumstance, your bus operator needs to cancel. While such occurrences are uncommon in our network of over 600+ independent operators, our Booking Protection Guarantee ensures you’re never left stranded. 

Should your selected operator be unable to fulfill the trip for any reason, we immediately find a similar or superior bus company. We cover up to 20% more than the original cost to facilitate this, or provide a full refund if no suitable alternatives are found.

24/7 Live Support

Travel doesn’t stick to a 9-to-5 schedule — neither does our support. Our customer success team is your round-the-clock travel partner. Before your trip even begins, we complete a pre-trip checklist to make sure everything is set for a smooth departure. 

Need to tweak your itinerary last minute? Hit an unexpected snag? Our team is just a call away, any hour, any day. Plus, with access to our live trip team through a priority hotline, urgent issues are swiftly addressed.

Vehicle Location Tracking

Start your group travel with confidence with CharterUP’s live trip tracking, which lets you see your ride’s progress in real-time. From the moment your bus starts its journey to your pickup point and throughout the trip, you can track its exact location. This not only ensures a smooth pickup but also keeps everyone informed. CharterUP’s award-winning platform allows you to easily share your reservations details and tracking link with members of your group, making everyone feel connected and secure.

Pre-Qualified Operators

The backbone of a reliable travel service is its operators. At CharterUP, we ensure that every operator in our network has passed a rigorous pre-qualification process. This includes checks on their DOT status, licenses, certifications and safety records. Our partners are also required to adhere to strict standards concerning vehicle quality and service reliability.

By committing to these four pillars, CharterUP not only sets itself apart from other group transportation providers but also pioneers a better future for group travel. 

Choose CharterUP to find peace of mind, convenience and reliability through every step of your journey.

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