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Austin American Statesman: Is CharterUP’s Shuttle Program the Ultimate Return-to-Office Perk?

Published December 7, 2023

In the evolving landscape of post-pandemic corporate America, where the return to the office marks a new normal, CharterUP is not just adapting to change — we’re redefining it, innovating the daily commute for a workforce on the move. 

Demand for CharterUP’s corporate shuttle program has increased by 247% across the country, a number that signals the value of sponsored employee transportation programs. Austin and San Antonio are witnessing something even more extraordinary—a demand surge that exceeds even this impressive national average.

This breakthrough has not gone unnoticed. As highlighted in a recent feature by the Austin American Statesman, CharterUP is setting new benchmarks in the realm of corporate commutes. But what’s driving this monumental shift?

A Paradigm Shift in the Corporate Commute

The cost of commuting has sky-rocketed post-pandemic – workers are now spending an average of 19% of their salary and 10 days of their year on commuting alone – and the mental burden of traffic and parking hassles adds to the price tag. 

Corporate shuttles provide employees with a comfortable, reliable mode of transportation, while also allowing businesses to promote sustainability and operational efficiency.

From the prestigious halls of the University of Texas to the bustling offices of Fortune 500 companies, businesses in Austin and San Antonio are quickly realizing the benefits of CharterUP’s corporate shuttle solutions.

Austin and San Antonio: A Closer Look at the Exceptional Growth

Why are Austin and San Antonio outpacing the national trend? Several key factors contribute to this remarkable growth:

  • Tech and Innovation Hub: Austin’s reputation as a burgeoning tech and innovation hub means an influx of companies and employees seeking smart, sustainable commuting solutions. 
  • Cultural and Economic Boom: Both cities are experiencing a cultural and economic boom, attracting a workforce that values eco-friendly and efficient transportation options.
  • Campus Connectivity: The presence of major educational institutions, like the University of Texas, has increased the demand for reliable campus transportation solutions.
  • Urban Development: Rapid urban development in these areas has heightened the need for efficient traffic management and commuter solutions.

Redefining Luxury in Group Travel

CharterUP is not just eliminating commutes – we’re transforming the drive to work into a comfortable, luxurious and efficient journey. This commitment is evident in our recent introduction of luxury sprinter vans to the CharterUP platform in select markets. 

Catering to diverse needs, from corporate campus transit to special event transportation, CharterUP is redefining luxury in group travel.

This significant stride in our journey is not just about network expansion but also about creating mutual growth opportunities with thousands of independent operators and their underutilized fleets.

Transform Your Commute

With CharterUP, you’re not just choosing a travel solution — you’re embracing an innovative approach to commuting that balances comfort, efficiency and environmental sustainability. Browse charter bus prices and available bus rentals in Austin or other major cities, then click “Start Shuttling” below to see how CharterUP can transform your commute! 

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