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CharterUP on Fox Business: Exploring The Future of Charter Bus Travel On ‘Making Money with Charles Payne’

Published August 20, 2023

“Our goal is to have a CharterUP bus in every major intersection of America.”

When CharterUP CEO Armir Harris shared this ambitious goal with Fox Business’ Charles Payne, it was more than just a visionary statement – it’s a reality in the making.

Look no further than this video captured in Times Square last week, as a bus from the fleet of one of our operating partners gracefully drives through the iconic intersection, all while Armir Harris prepares to share the CharterUP story on Nasdaq’s TradeTalks in the background.

Today, CharterUP offers the only tech platform allowing customers to charter a bus in real-time within just 60 seconds. And, as Harris highlighted during the interview, CharterUP’s footprint is rapidly expanding.

“I always wanted to put the customer first,” Harris reflected in the segment on Fox Business, tracing his commitment back to his teenage years when he combined his tech acumen with a deep understanding of business.

By prioritizing instantaneous service, particularly in an era dominated by the demand for on-the-spot solutions, Harris addressed a significant gap in the market. With 600+ operators with a combined fleet of 4,000+ vehicles now on CharterUP’s platform, it stands as the most robust charter bus booking platform in the industry.

However, the scope of CharterUP’s vision extends far beyond just dominating the domestic market. With 10,000 potential companies out there and only 600 currently onboarded to their platform, the room for growth is palpable. But Harris sees beyond just American roads, hinting at the vast global economy waiting to be tapped.

Watch the full segment to learn about CharterUP’s meteoric rise to the No. 2 fastest-growing private company in America on Inc. 5000’s prestigious list, and see how CharterUP continues navigating the road to innovation.