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Disruptive by Design: Howard Bornstein Discusses CharterUP’s Bold Approach to Revolutionize the Charter Bus Industry

Published December 22, 2023

At CharterUP, we believe in the power of innovation and disruption to transform industries. CharterUP President Howard Bornstein recently sat down with Authority Magazine to shed light on CharterUP’s rapid rise and our potential to drive disruption and lasting change in the charter bus industry.



Redefining industries or markets and creating opportunities for those who embrace change and challenge the status quo.

Embracing Disruption

To Howard, disruption is both a necessity and a strategic imperative. It’s crucial to stay competitive, challenge the status quo and identify high-potential opportunities. 

A courtesy shuttle can increase customer satisfaction by up to 23%.

His approach isn’t just about innovating for the sake of innovation; it’s about fostering a mindset that welcomes change, seeks out opportunities for improvement and relentlessly pursues excellence.

3 Innovative Strategies for Disruption

Embracing innovation is not just a strategy for businesses like CharterUP, but a universal principle that applies to everyone. 

In his interview with Authority Magazine, Howard shared some of the universal strategies that can inspire individuals and organizations across various sectors to challenge the status quo and harness the power of innovation. These strategies, while practiced by CharterUP in the charter bus industry, offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to drive positive change in their field.

  1. Integrated Tech-Enabled Marketplace & Streamlined Booking

The traditional charter bus booking process is a long and tedious journey, complete with several days spent waiting for quotes before you can even begin the process of choosing an operator. Overall, this process often takes more than a week.

CharterUP believes there’s a better way, and we’ve built it. Our integrated tech-enabled marketplace allows you to quickly compare customized charter bus pricing, check reviews and book your reservation in just 60 seconds. 

Just as CharterUP revolutionized the charter bus booking experience with its integrated tech-enabled marketplace, any industry can benefit from leveraging technology to simplify and optimize their operations. This approach is about finding innovative ways to reduce complexity and increase efficiency, whether you’re booking a bus or managing any other kind of service.

  1. Transparency and Accountability

In the age of the informed consumer, the traditional charter bus booking process is severely lacking. CharterUP’s marketplace, however, champions transparency and accountability. Our platform enables you to compare quotes, safety records and customer reviews from multiple operators, all in one place. 

In today’s informed world, transparency and accountability are more than just buzzwords; they are critical elements of trust. CharterUP’s commitment to these values in their platform serves as a model for all businesses striving to build and maintain trust with their clients and customers.

  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making

CharterUP utilizes data analytics to improve the charter bus experience. By collecting and analyzing data on customer preferences, routes and pricing, we can optimize our services continually, offering competitive pricing and improved customer satisfaction. 

Our data-driven approach is a significant departure from the traditional methods of charter bus booking and sets us apart as leaders in innovation.

The power of data in shaping strategies and improving customer experiences is immense. CharterUP’s use of data analytics for optimizing services is a testament to the value of informed decision-making. This principle can be applied universally to enhance services, anticipate customer needs, and stay ahead in any industry.

Discover More Disruptive Insights

Each of the strategies Howard discussed emphasize the importance of staying adaptable, customer-focused and forward-thinking  – qualities essential for success in any domain. By adopting these approaches, founders can bring a new level of innovation and efficiency to their work, no matter their industry.

Embracing disruption is more than a business strategy; it’s a way of life. It’s about constantly challenging the norms, asking ‘What if?’, and pushing boundaries.

Howard Bornstein, President

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To learn more about the innovative ways CharterUP is shaking up the charter bus industry, read Howard’s full Q&A in Authority Magazine.