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From (Democratic National) Convention to Disruption: The Phone Call That Revolutionized The Charter Bus Industry

Published November 10, 2023

In the summer of 2012, Armir Harris faced a challenge that would redefine an industry. The request was simple but daunting: provide 60 charter buses for the Democratic National Convention. The solution, however, was not so straightforward. Every local provider was booked, but Armir saw not a roadblock but a highway to opportunity.

Detailing his experience in his Forbes Business Council debut, Armir shares how he sourced 60 buses across multiple states, overcoming a fragmented industry process that was slow and outdated. This experience was the catalyst for CharterUP, a company born to simplify and modernize the charter bus booking process.

CharterUP, through Armir’s leadership, now offers a streamlined, online marketplace where chartering a bus is a quick and straightforward task. The platform, backed by a network of trusted operators, delivers efficiency and transparency, something the charter bus industry had been lacking.

Awarded the No. 2 spot on Inc. 5000’s list of America’s fastest-growing companies, CharterUP’s success story is as much about the company’s exponential growth as it is about its roots in resilience and innovation.

Armir’s first Forbes column tells the founding story of CharterUP while also sharing how other entrepreneurs can turn a challenging situation into an opportunity for improvement and growth.

To learn more about the CharterUP journey and the insights gained along the way, check out the full Forbes column.