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‘Bold Journey,’ Bold Leader: How Armir Harris and CharterUP Are Revolutionizing the Charter Bus Industry

Published November 22, 2023

If anybody can attest to a bold journey, it’s our visionary CEO, Armir Harris. In a recent interview with Bold Journey, he shared his insights on the future of the charter bus industry and how CharterUP is driving that change.

Armir’s Bold Journey

With a burning passion for transformative change and industry disruption, Armir has always been determined to tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Armir’s journey in the transportation sector began when he was young, and led him to found CharterUP in 2018. Building on Armir’s vision, CharterUP is revolutionizing the transportation industry with unparalleled transparency, efficiency and an emphasis on customer experience.

Through his leadership, Armir has guided CharterUP to become the leading platform for charter bus rentals, connecting travelers to comprehensive charter bus pricing options and more than 600 operators across the United States.

Armir has always been a firm believer that technology can be leveraged to improve and streamline traditional industries. In his interview with Bold Journey, he discusses how CharterUP’s proprietary platform has transformed the charter bus industry by making it easier than ever for customers to book a trip.

Changing the Game

Ask yourself this: Why do we settle for outdated systems when we have the technology to streamline and revolutionize industries? This was the question that sparked Armir’s vision for CharterUP. As he puts it,

“It’s about steering the charter bus industry towards positive change and progress, ensuring every move we make at CharterUP propels individuals and communities towards a future where transportation is not just a journey, but a hallmark of efficiency, transparency and sustainability.

CharterUP’s technology has not only made the booking process easier for customers, but it has also provided valuable data and insights for operators. This allows them to make informed business decisions and improve their operations, leading to better experiences for passengers.

Succeeding in a Highly Competitive Market

In today’s highly competitive environment, success often seems elusive, with countless skills and qualities being touted as the key to achieving one’s goals. Armir believes it can be distilled down to just three core qualities:


When faced with adversity and setbacks, resiliency becomes the anchor that keeps us moving forward. Armir emphasizes the importance of cultivating a growth mindset and embracing challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. Failure, he believes, should be seen as a stepping stone towards breakthroughs rather than a deterrent on the path to success.

Execution Over Strategy

While strategic planning has its place, Armir emphasizes that execution is the real driver of success. At CharterUP, prioritizing implementation, action and delivering excellence has led to rapid growth and industry disruption. Armir advises aspiring entrepreneurs to value strategy but focus on execution, as it’s the execution that truly builds empires.

Adaptability and Continuous Learning

In an ever-evolving world, adaptability and continuous learning are non-negotiable skills. Armir shared his personal experience of having to adapt to market shifts, technological advancements and unexpected circumstances like the pandemic. His advice here is to cultivate a lifelong learning mindset, remaining curious, seeking out new knowledge and skills and remaining flexible in the face of change.

The Future of CharterUP

As technology continues to advance, Armir believes that there’s still ample room for growth and improvement in the charter bus industry. He envisions a future where customers can seamlessly book a trip using CharterUP’s platform, and operators can efficiently manage their fleets with the help of data-driven insights.

Furthermore, Armir envisions CharterUP expanding its services beyond the United States, making it even more accessible for customers worldwide. With continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach, CharterUP has become the leading platform for charter bus rentals globally.

To learn more about Armir’s bold journey, read the full interview.