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New York City is home to the largest public school system in the United States with more than a million students learning, growing, and exploring within the city. This number doesn’t even include the university and college students across more than 100 institutions that contribute to NYC’s reputation as a leader in higher education and industry experience. Safely transporting students of all ages for school-related functions is an essential part of education in New York City, and the CharterUP network can provide reliable, comfortable NYC bus rentals for any such occasion.

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Why Book a Bus for Your Academic Group in New York City?

Charter bus rentals for schools allow students, faculty, and staff to travel confidently and safely for school functions and educational purposes. All types of groups can benefit from private bus transportation, from high school sports teams traveling for an away game to classroom field trips to the Statue of Liberty.

Also, charter buses have safety features that most standard school buses don’t have. You can reserve a charter bus rental with seatbelts, dedicated storage for belongings, and services provided by a professional, thoroughly vetted bus driver. Plus, the entertainment amenities are unbeatable. Young students will love to connect to WiFi or watch movies with onboard TVs on their way to educational New York City attractions like the American Museum of Natural History, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and more.

Arrange for Students to Travel Safely in New York City

If you’re a teacher or student group leader, then you know that student safety is a number one priority during a field trip or excursion—and a charter bus rental is one of the safest ways to travel in NYC. A student group can travel all together aboard a single vehicle, and there’s plenty of space to stow away backpacks, books, and personal belongings without taking up seating space or legroom.

Long-term student transportation is also an option with CharterUP. As a New York City college or university transportation manager, you can arrange an ongoing contract for campus shuttle bus service and offer private transit on campus or between university buildings. This way, students don’t need to rely on unpredictable subway transit or motor scooters and bicycles to travel to class. They can simply hop on a campus shuttle, stow away their backpack, connect to a WiFi hotspot, and focus on their studies during a stress-free, cross-campus trip.

Tour NYC University Campuses with a Private Shuttle

Book a bus to bring prospective college students to New York City and plan a custom tour of campuses across the city. A private bus rental allows you and a group to travel on a personal schedule and visit the schools at the top of your list without wasting time. Plan admissions tours at top New York City schools like New York University, Columbia University, Barnard College, and Baruch College, and travel to them at your own pace. Whether you need to book a bus rental in Newark for a local high school to attend a college fair or a private shuttle for a small group to explore college life in NYC, count on CharterUP for safe transportation.

Rent a Charter Bus for New York City School Events

Charter bus rentals with professional drivers are perfect for transporting New York City students traveling to school-sponsored events as a group. A charter bus, minibus, or sprinter van service can safely transport students to Prom, Homecoming, sporting events, graduations, theatrical performances, and other functions. Even for long-distance trips, like if you need a bus rental to Orlando for a high school band performance at Disney World or a charter bus to Boston or a Senior graduation trip, faculty and staff can ensure students are on time and cared for and assure parents of their children’s safety while they’re on the road.

Arrange Group Transportation for Students with New York City’s First and Only Charter Bus Marketplace

CharterUP only partners with bus operators who share a vision for delivering the highest level of service and safety to all passengers. When you need transportation for students in New York City, CharterUP gives you the ability to compare providers, bus rental prices, and vehicle models so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Get a quote or call 1-855-920-2287 and book a bus rental for a field trip, school event, or university tour in NYC.

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