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CharterUP Turns Holiday Flight Frustrations Into Grounded Success

Published June 30, 2023

In the face of record-setting flight disruptions ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, many travelers have found themselves stranded at airports, their plans left hanging in the balance. 

Staffing shortages, unpredictable weather and other unforeseen challenges have created airport agony as hundreds of thousands of passengers have faced delayed or canceled flights ahead of their holiday plans. 

As a result, travelers, in their desperation to reach their destinations, are taking to the road instead of the sky with a solution that is not only efficient and reliable, but also environment-friendly — charter buses.

CharterUP’s 24/7 reservation team stands ready to assist travelers in navigating through this crisis. The company’s mission – during this chaotic time and always – is to provide accessible, transparent and accountable group travel. 

One soccer team from Michigan headed home from a tournament in New Jersey couldn’t get rebooked on a new flight until Friday, so they chartered a bus and recruited fellow stranded passengers on their flight.

“I just found a charter bus and we just started selling seats to anyone going to Detroit,” the coach told Action News out of Philadelphia.

Another woman met the soccer team at the airport and is joining them on the bus.

“So now we have all of these people that we’re going to have a lot of fun with on a bus and we’re going to laugh and have a great time,” the woman told the news station.

CharterUP distinguishes itself with unmatched adaptability and an unwavering commitment to customer service — attributes that have been indispensable during frustrating travel times like these. CharterUP’s 24/7 reservation team is not just standing by, they’re on the front lines to ensure that each group secures the most suitable bus for their unique needs, regardless of the hour.

CharterUP’s expansive network encompasses more than 600 bus operators, with a collective fleet of over 4,000 vehicles. This vast resource pool enables CharterUP to offer stranded passengers a wealth of travel options that far outstrip what’s available at any airport rental car counter. With real-time charter bus pricing and availability, CharterUP’s reservation team is equipped to rapidly connect groups with efficient transportation solutions in cities with major airports like Los Angeles and Atlanta, ensuring they’re back on the move swiftly, despite the chaos.

However, CharterUP’s dedication doesn’t stop at responsive service. In an era of escalating environmental concerns — not least of which is the deteriorating air quality due to rampant wildfires — CharterUP offers a transportation solution that’s not just reliable and efficient, but also eco-conscious.

CharterUP’s commitment to efficient, dependable and sustainable travel shines amid these disruptions. As flight delays continue to plague airports, CharterUP remains ready and equipped to get groups to their destinations, proving that when the skies turn turbulent, there’s always a reliable alternative on the ground.

Are you stranded at an airport or have your travel plans been upended by the national flight delays? Call CharterUP at 1-855-920-2287 to keep your group moving.

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