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How Gen Z Is Shaping The Future Of The Office Commute

Published June 6, 2023

Gen Z may be the youngest generation in the workforce, but their preferences are already shaping the future of office commutes.

Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z employees are known for their strong values, digital savviness and desire for a better future. As companies begin to reopen offices, it’s essential to accommodate the preferences of this generation, which include a preference for in-person work and a deep concern for sustainability and responsible corporate policies.

A recent GoBankingRates survey found that just 29 percent of Gen Z employees would prefer to work from home. This preference is driven by factors such as social interaction, mentorship and collaboration, which are often more accessible in an office setting.

“Gen Z sees the value of face-to-face connections while also appreciating the flexibility of remote work. These insights can help to reshape the future of work so that businesses and organizations can attract and retain top talent by optimizing the in-office experience,” says Aongus Hegarty, who spearheaded a Dell study about how to recruit and retain Gen Z talent.

Gen Z is also passionate about sustainability and the environment. A 2021 Deloitte survey revealed that 42% of Gen Z respondents would only work for a company that aligns with their personal values, and 37% would leave a job if their employer’s values didn’t match their own. This generation seeks companies that prioritize sustainability and responsible corporate policies, making career decisions based on these values.

The intersection of these two trends presents an opportunity for companies to rethink employee transportation and embrace innovative solutions that align with Gen Z’s values. 

One such solution is corporate shuttle programs, which offer a more sustainable and efficient way for employees to commute to work. By providing shared transportation, companies can reduce single-occupancy vehicles on the road, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions and less traffic congestion.

CharterUP is leading the charge in this movement, partnering with a growing roster of Fortune 500 companies to provide on-demand shuttles for events, conferences and daily employee transportation. By embracing innovative transportation solutions like corporate shuttle programs, companies can meet the needs of this new generation of workers and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Gen Z’s desire for in-person work and commitment to sustainability are shaping the future of office commutes. By adopting sustainable transportation solutions like corporate shuttle programs, companies can demonstrate their commitment to the environment and responsible corporate policies while providing convenient and efficient commuting options for their employees. 

CharterUP is proud to be part of this movement, helping companies create a better future for both their employees and the planet.