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Small Groups, Big Luxury: CharterUP Rolls Out Luxury Sprinter Vans in Select Markets

Published October 25, 2023

Ever tried to move a group of 12 from point A to point B? Too many for a car, but not enough for a charter bus.

Enter CharterUP’s game-changing solution: the introduction of luxury sprinter vans to its expansive fleet, specifically catering to these smaller groups.

Now debuting in cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and San Antonio, these luxury sprinter vans are set to revolutionize how small groups travel. Sprinter vans provide the convenience of group travel options without compromising on affordability or luxury.

Whether it’s a corporate team, a bridal party or a family group, these vans ensure groups with any travel budget can ride together in style.

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Expanding Horizons in Group Travel

The addition of sprinter vans is in response to the growing demand for versatile, luxury transportation suitable for smaller groups. These vehicles bridge the gap between large charter buses and personal rideshare services, providing a luxurious and intimate travel experience.

Whether it’s corporate clients needing efficient travel solutions or a private group seeking a high-end journey, CharterUP’s new offering caters to all.

A Boon for Independent Operators

The expansion isn’t just good news for travelers. It represents a significant opportunity for over 7,000 independent operators across North America, many of whom have struggled with underutilized fleets. Operators can join forces with CharterUP to gain increased visibility and booking potential. The platform’s ease and transparency have already contributed to substantial growth, with operators like LA VIP Tours witnessing a 150% increase in bookings.

Commitment to Luxury and Convenience

CharterUP’s CEO, Armir Harris, expressed excitement about the new launch, emphasizing the company’s dedication to redefining luxury in group travel. The sprinter vans are more than just an addition to the fleet; they represent CharterUP’s pledge to meet clients’ diverse needs with upscale, versatile travel options.

Recognition and Future Prospects

The introduction of luxury sprinter vans follows CharterUP’s recent acclaim as the second fastest-growing private company in the U.S. This recognition underscores CharterUP’s successful trajectory and its continuous effort to innovate in group transportation. With real-time booking, vehicle tracking and a focus on customer satisfaction, CharterUP stands out as a leader in group travel solutions.

The sprinter van launch is yet another testament to CharterUP’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the travel industry. By offering more choices, greater luxury and unwavering convenience, CharterUP is setting a new standard in group transportation.

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