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Christian Forde Elevates CharterUP’s Marketplace Sales Strategy with Persuasive Prowess and Dad Jokes

Published April 16, 2024

Christian Forde’s transition from organizational accounting to a pivotal leader in the fast-paced world of technology and transportation is a story of seizing opportunities and the power of a good sales pitch. 

His career took a dramatic turn when a routine interaction at Bed Bath & Beyond, where he worked after leaving his job as an auditor, led to an unexpected career in sales. A customer looking to buy a vacuum cleaner was so impressed by Christian’s presentation that she offered him a job at AT&T, setting him on a path to success in the sales industry.

Reflecting on his early career, Christian shared: “The hours were crazy, and I didn’t get to speak to people. It was completely mind-numbing.” He wanted more interaction, more variety and more challenges — all of which he found in sales, where every customer interaction offered a new puzzle and the opportunity to make a meaningful connection.

As CharterUP’s manager of marketplace sales, Christian leverages his competitive spirit and strategic acumen, honed both in the corporate arena and as an ultimate frisbee captain, to guide his team through the evolving landscape of technology and transportation. His leadership is rooted in empathy, adaptability and a commitment to empowering his team to achieve their best. 

Reflecting on CharterUP’s culture and dedication to a customer-first approach, Christian sheds light on what truly differentiates the company in the competitive landscape: “It’s not just about solving a logistical problem; it’s about understanding the human element behind every transaction,” he said. 

He recalled an interaction with a customer in need of precise ADA accommodations.

“It was crucial to listen, show empathy and go the extra mile to identify solutions,” Christian said. 

The customer continues to refer new customers to CharterUP based on this positive experience.

This interaction underscores the complexity and sensitivity involved in meeting diverse customer needs and epitomizes CharterUP’s ethos — prioritizing customer satisfaction and building relationships beyond the transaction.

Christian also highlighted how CharterUP’s culture of transparency and teamwork plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional service. 

“As a team, we’re constantly sharing insights and strategies, not just to hit our targets but to elevate the entire customer experience,” he said. 

Christian draws parallels between leading his team on the field and in the office, and has found that being an ultimate frisbee captain is a lot like being a sales manager: It’s not just about calling the plays, it’s about inspiring your team to see the field of opportunities.

Christian brings this philosophy to life at CharterUP, where his multifaceted role as a sales manager is filled with problem-solving, coaching and even stepping in to take calls himself. He prides himself on being a servant leader, dedicated to his team’s success and growth.

“Even though I’m in a managerial role, I dive into the trenches with my team, taking calls and tackling issues head-on,” he said. “It’s this collective effort and shared vision of putting the customer first that truly sets CharterUP apart.”

Christian’s journey at CharterUP is marked by his ability to connect with people, solve problems and drive growth. His leadership style — characterized by transparency, empathy and dad jokes — not only contributes to CharterUP’s success but also inspires his team to reach new heights. 

As he looks to the future, Christian is excited about the continued growth of CharterUP and his role in shaping the next generation of sales leaders within the company.

Charting Our Course introduces the team members helping to build a better future for group travel. The series will showcase the passion and talent of our team and the role they play in driving our mission.


Christian Forde

Manager, Marketplace Sales

April 2023


Christian's role is to lead and empower the marketplace sales professionals to exceed the team's revenue targets. He's responsible for setting ambitious targets and equipping his team with the tools needed to succeed.


Christian met his wife playing ultimate frisbee. Together, they have 3 boys (ages 3-9) and are still very active and captain a nationally ranked ultimate frisbee team together (DayShift).

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