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From Classrooms to Codebases: Lindsey Still’s Journey to Engineering Innovation at CharterUP

Published December 19, 2023

Interweaving strands of international law, Japanese culture and coding, Lindsey Still’s unconventional career path mirrors CharterUP’s core values of relentless growth and ceaseless innovation. Her journey from pre-law academia to software engineering epitomizes the spirit of curiosity that CharterUP champions. 

Lindsey prepared for a career in international law at UT Austin, but a deep-seated urge to explore beyond known horizons led her to pivot. 

“After college, I resisted the immediate plunge into law school. I wanted to give myself the time to explore other interests and career trajectories,” Lindsey reflects, embodying CharterUP’s ethos of not just accepting the status quo but actively questioning and experimenting.

This spirit of exploration took Lindsey to Japan, teaching English and immersively experiencing a culture that effortlessly marries tradition with cutting-edge technology. Expecting the U.S. economy to be rattled by the pandemic upon her return, Lindsey started honing technical skills that could strengthen her resume and help her land a job. 

“I ended up really enjoying web development,” she said. “It is satisfying to build things and witness them come to life on the screen. Software engineering is great in that it combines problem-solving with creativity. While I wasn’t introduced to the field until later in life, I’m glad I took the time to explore and embrace it as a career.”

After graduating from Ada Developers Academy, a women-focused software development bootcamp, and completing an apprenticeship with Indeed, Lindsey joined CharterUP’s engineering team.

Entering a male-dominated industry marked a significant shift from the all-women environment at Ada Developers Academy. Discussing her experience, she says, “I feel like an imposter sometimes, likely due to the nature of the industry and being one of the few women, but here, I’ve never felt a lack of support. My team is incredibly uplifting and encouraging, which goes a long way in alleviating self-doubt.”

At CharterUP, Lindsey’s role involves improving user experience and operator behavior through innovative technology and blending her skills in problem-solving and creativity.

“My background as a teacher instilled in me an empathy for diverse learning styles, which I’ve incorporated into my role at CharterUP. Accounting for diverse product usage styles ensures we continue to build products that suit a wide range of customers,” Lindsey said. “It’s really exciting to work at CharterUP because we get to solve problems that have never been solved and build things that have never been built before.” She added, “It’s also a privilege to contribute to products that make a positive environmental impact.”

Beyond her professional achievements, Lindsey is an avid runner and traveler, recently completing her first half-marathon and planning a trip to Thailand. These personal interests reflect her commitment to continuous growth and exploration, qualities that she brings to her work at CharterUP.

Lindsey’s journey highlights the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in today’s evolving career landscape. As one of the pioneering women in CharterUP’s engineering team, she represents a growing trend of diversity in tech, bringing unique perspectives and innovative solutions to the forefront of the industry.

Lindsey’s story is a reminder that the most enriching career paths often arise from the willingness to explore new horizons and embrace change.

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Lindsey Still

Software Engineer

January 2023


Lindsey is a full-stack software engineer on the marketplace development team at CharterUP. Her team's primary objective is to build and maintain products that ensure a positive and consistent experience for CharterUP's marketplace customers, encouraging their ongoing satisfaction and fostering repeat business with CharterUP.


Lindsey completed her first half-marathon a few weeks ago and will be traveling to Thailand for Christmas.

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