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Group Travel Made Easy: 5 Steps to a Successful Trip with CharterUP

Published September 18, 2023

Traveling in groups can be both an exciting and challenging experience. Whether you need a charter bus in Sacramento for a school field trip, a bus to Oklahoma City for a corporate retreat, or shuttles in Raleigh for a large family reunion, there’s something inherently special about sharing a journey with others. But how do you ensure your group travel experience is smooth, enjoyable and hassle-free? By choosing the right transportation partner – like CharterUP.

CharterUP is revolutionizing the charter bus industry with our seamless, efficient, customer-centric booking experience. With a wide range of vehicles to choose from and unparalleled customer service, CharterUP is your go-to solution for group travel. But what steps should you follow to make sure your trip is a success?

Here are five key recommendations:

1. Choose the Right Vehicle

Your group’s size and type will dictate the vehicle you need. CharterUP offers everything from minibuses for smaller groups to full-sized coaches for larger parties. Need amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets or onboard restrooms? CharterUP has you covered.

  Pax Wifi Reclining
TV Power
Restrooms Luggage
Charter BuscharterbusMCI 55
Minibusminibus20 23

2. Plan Your Itinerary

Knowing where you’re going, when and what you’ll be doing is crucial. Sharing your itinerary with CharterUP lets us handle the logistics, ensuring you get to each destination comfortably and on time.

Easy Planning

It’s a breeze to go online and start planning your itinerary through our self-serve platform – gone are the days of massive 16-fold road maps and printing directions from MapQuest.

Pro tip: You don’t need an exact address. Just type the name of your destination, like a popular landmark or business, and you’re already halfway there to booking your trip!

Changes? No problem!

You can easily make changes to your itinerary ahead of the trip by visiting your dashboard and sending a message to the support team. Simply let us know what’s changed, and we’ll handle the rest.

Coast-to-Coast Travel

CharterUP’s network offers rentals across the country (plus Canada!) and can be used to navigate city streets or for a cross-country excursion. Travelers can rent a bus in Orlando or schedule a charter bus in Phoenix all in the same place.

New York City
Washington DC
Los Angeles
Kansas City
Las Vegas
New Haven
New Orleans
Oklahoma City
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
St. Louis


3. Arrange Meals and Accommodations

Traveling can be tiring and hunger-induced work. Consider your group’s dietary needs and rest requirements when choosing hotels, AirBnBs and restaurants.

Meal Planning for Charter Buses

Meal planning for your charter bus trip can include packing the right snacks – easily portable and light on the stomach – and locating group-friendly restaurants along your route.


4. Book in Advance

Peak travel times can lead to higher bus rental prices and fewer available vehicles. Save money and secure the perfect bus by booking as far in advance as possible.

Fun Fact: According to Expedia Group, travelers book their trips an average of 73 days before their trip starts.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

At CharterUP, we understand things can come up unexpectedly and you have to cancel your trip. Our flexible cancellation policy sets our marketplace apart from other travel reservation methods.

What is CharterUP’s Refund Policy?
  • 100% refund: Cancellations 30 days or more from pickup
  • 90% refund: Cancellations between 29 days and 72 hours from pickup
  • No refund: Cancellations fewer than 72 hours from pickup


5. Communicate with Your Group

Keep everyone informed about travel plans, expectations and any changes. Good communication is key to a successful group trip.

Sharing is Caring

Your itinerary can easily be shared within CharterUP’s platform, giving everyone in the group the details they need to prepare for the trip.

The live-tracking link can be shared with your group while the trip is in progress to enhance communication.

The group organizer will also be able to communicate directly with the driver 24 hours before the trip, ensuring seamless transportation for the whole group.

Seamless Travel with CharterUP

With CharterUP, group travel has never been easier. So go ahead, gather your group, plan that trip and leave the rest to us. Because with CharterUP, you’re not just booking a bus – you’re embarking on a journey.

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